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Senate Passes Holliston and Hopkinton Bond-Bills

August 4, 2008

As the 2007-2008 legislative session came to a close late Thursday night, the Senate passed a number of bond bills that include projects and initiatives for Holliston and Hopkinton.  Also passed were a number of veto overrides and an important health care reform bill. The following is a brief update on those items.

Working with Representative Paul Loscocco, Senator Spilka was able to secure funding for a number of projects through the transportation, and capital bond bills.  The projects designated for funding are as follows:

In Holliston:

Transportation Bond Bill

  • $2.75M for roadway safety and other improvements to Norfolk, Central and Highland Streets

Capital Bond Bill

  • $750K for renovations and repairs to the Senior Center

In Hopkinton

Transportation Bond Bill

  • $1.75M for roadway safety and other improvements to Routes 135 and 85 and to West Main Street

Environmental Bond Bill

  • $100K for repairs, maintenance, and operation of Lake Maspenock Dam

Capital Bond Bill

  • $2.5M for the rehabilitation of the historic Town Hall

Through working together, the House and Senate were also able to restore funding for very valuable MetroWest programs that were recently vetoed or reduced by the Governor:

  • Hopkinton Athletic Association Restored to $50K
  • North Pond Dam and Lake Maspenock Dam Restored to $100K
  • Water and Sewer Rate Relief Restored to $15M
  • Metro South/West Regional Employment Board Restored to Original Funding of $250K
  • 495/MetroWest Corridor Partnership Restored to Original Funding of $250K

In addition, the Senator is pleased to report that the Senate and House yesterday reached consensus on comprehensive legislation that will usher in the next phase of health care reform in Massachusetts with a package of new initiatives aimed at bringing down escalating health care costs and creating greater access to primary care.

The legislation promotes the modernization of the health care system to reduce waste and improve quality care, establishing the Commonwealth as a national leader in the statewide adoption of electronic medical records.  Also included is a uniform billing provision I initially introduced which has been estimated by the Senate President to have the potential of saving the Commonwealth $1 billion over the next ten years.

The senator noted that she is “extremely proud to be a co-sponsor of this bill, which will save us hundreds of millions of dollars and ultimately lead to more residents receiving high quality health care at affordable rates.”  Currently, nearly a third of every health care dollar is spent on administrative costs.  The uniform billing provision of this legislation will ensure less money is spent on processing paperwork, freeing up resources to dedicate to direct patient care.


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