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Senator Spilka and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray to Visit Natick High School

October 7, 2009

At 10:00 am Thursday, October 8, Senator Spilka and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray will visit an advanced algebra class taught by Andy Hollins, who was a Summer Teacher Intern at Raytheon Technical Services Company through the Leadership Initiatives for Teaching and Technology (LIFT2) Program in 2008.

They will observe the class and then speak about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to the students and faculty.  They will aslo speak with four other Natick High School teachers who participated in the LIFT2 Program.

The LIFT2 Program offers middle school and high school math, science, and technology teachers a professional learning experience that integrates graduate coursework with authentic and relevant externships in industry.  Through this combination of work experience in industry and a formal program of graduate level study, teachers improve their classroom instructional practice and school leadership abilities in four areas:

  • Experiential and inquiry-based teaching and learning
  • Application of 21st century technology to STEM curriculum and instruction
  • Integration of 21st century workplace skills
  • Integration of STEM career awareness into classroom culture

LIFT2 and similar programs are crucial to aligning the Commonwealth’s education, workforce development and economic development goals to ensure the state’s economic vitality.

Jim Stanton, the program’s director, will also be a part of the visit.


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