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Registry of Motor Vehicles Announces Electronic Renewal Reminders

October 16, 2009

As of November 2008, the Registry of Motor Vehicles no longer sends driver’s license renewal information or reminders in the mail. To address this public concern, the RMV has created a system which will alert drivers via email 30 days prior to a license’s expiration.

This free service allows the driver to determine how the RMV sends the reminder, by email, phone, or text (SMS) message. To develop this service, the RMV has partnered with Sendza, an outside firm that will deliver the reminders, at no cost to the Commonwealth.

To get started, visit the link below to be taken to the RMV’s website, which will then transfer you to the Sendza website to complete the process.

Drivers should remember to join the RMV Reminder Service at least 45 days before the expiration date on their license or ID, as only one reminder notice will be sent for each renewal period, approximately 30 days prior to the pending expiration date.

*Please note that a reminder notice will not be sent if a license has been suspended or revoked because of an outstanding obligation. Drivers may check the status of thier license at


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