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Senator Karen Spilka and Representative Dykema Announce Passage of Bill to Aid Towns

December 16, 2009

Senator Karen Spilka and Representative Carolyn Dykema today announced the passage of An Act Extending the Deadline for Mailing Quarterly Tax Bills.

The bill will allow municipalities that have not yet set a tax rate, including the Towns of Holliston and Medway, a one-time, one month extension for mailing quarterly tax bills.

“The signing of this bill is a tremendous help to the Town of Holliston,” said Kathryn Peirce, Town Assessor.  “It allows continuity of the administrative process without placing an additional financial burden on the Town, and ensures that the tax payers will not be caused unnecessary financial stress in an already stressful economy.”

 “With our cities and towns facing such tight budgets, passage of this bill will ensure that 135 communities are spared potential cash flow concerns,” Rep Dykema (D-Holliston) said.  “I’m pleased that working together, the assessors and the legislature were able to ensure that our Towns and residents are relieved of additional fiscal pressure.”

“It is imperative that the state do all we can to help relieve the pressure on municipalities and homeowners during these tough fiscal times.” Senator Spilka (D-Ashland) noted.  “The swift passage of this bill is a great example of the Senate and House taking that responsibility seriously and acting together to help provide some stability amongst uncertainty.  I commend my colleagues in the Legislature for their work on this bill on behalf of our cities and towns.”


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