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Regional School Funds Restored

January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010

After an intensive lobbying push from the Legislature and school and teachers advocates, Governor Patrick has fulfilled his promise to restore cuts he made three months ago to regional school transportation.

On Wednesday, January 6, Governor Patrick announced he had followed through and restored the full $18 million.

The account had been cut nearly 50% by the Governor and represented a 63% reduction in regional school district aid since Fiscal Year 2009.

Since regional schools are required by law to provide transportation, must travel greater distances than municipal school districts, and cannot go back to member towns for additional funds after the cut (the way municipal districts can), this cut represented a significant cut in local aid to regional school districts.

The Patrick Administration was able to fill the cut after recent revenue estimates came in above projected benchmarks. Since October 15th, the state has collected $181 million more than expected, allowing the Governor to restore the cut he had made.


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