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Natick to Receive $43M for New High School, Ashland $1.5M for School Roof Repair

January 30, 2010

Senator Karen Spilka, State Treasurer Tim Cahill, Chairman of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), and Katherine Craven, MSBA’s Executive Director, announced on January 27, 2010 that the MSBA Board voted to approve the new Natick High School under the MSBA’s Model School program. It also voted to approve a roof repair project for David Mindess Elementary School in Ashland.

The next step in the process is for the towns to enter into Project Funding Agreements which will detail each project’s scope and budget and set forth the terms and conditions under which they will receive their grants from the MSBA.

“We still have to work out some details, but the MSBA is prepared to reimburse up to $43,165,316 for the new Natick High School and up to $1,492,709 for the repair project at the David Mindess Elementary School,” stated Craven.

“I am thrilled that the MSBA has voted to approve the new Natick High School and the roof repair project for the Mindess School, both of which will benefit the towns and their students in so many ways,” stated Karen Spilka (D-Ashland). “The new, energy-efficient design of the Natick High School will save on energy costs, while the proposed technology that will be built into the school will help our students be better prepared for 21st century careers. I applaud Natick for participating in the Model School Program, which ultimately saves taxpayers money.”

The MSBA’s Model Schools effectively adapt and re-use the design of successful, recently constructed high schools; simplifying the design process, reducing the amount of time projects are in the design phase and lowering design fees. Using elements of a previously designed Model School allows projects to begin construction faster and reduces construction costs for the project. At least a year of design work can be saved by using a Model School.

Ashland High School was designated a Model School in 2008.


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