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MassDEP Reminder: Homeowner Heating Safety Law Requirements Take Effect September 30th

September 20, 2011

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) reminds homeowners who use oil to heat their homes about a new requirement under the Massachusetts Homeowner Heating Safety Law.

This new law will require all oil-burning heating systems to have either an oil-safety valve or protective sleeve on the oil supply line if the oil supply line is in contact with concrete, the earth or other floor surfaces. This mandate also gives homeowners the option to voluntarily purchase oil leak insurance coverage.

Homeowners have until Friday, September 30, 2011 to bring their heating oil systems into compliance with these leak prevention requirements.

Highlights of the law:

  • Allows homeowners to access heating oil spill insurance as long as:
  1. They ensure that their systems are safe.
  2. They request and pay for the added insurance
  • To ensure the system is safe, homeowners must:
  1. Upgrade older systems by installing either a valve or a protective sleeve.
  2. Certify that they have completed the upgrade with the fire department

*NoteOlder systems are those that were installed before January 1, 1990 and some older systems with a burner located above the tank may be exempt from the upgrade requirement.

For more information about the Homeowner Heating Oil Spill Law, please visit the MassDEP website at

Constituents with any additional questions regarding these new regulations, should not hesitate to contact Puja Mehta, Senator Karen Spilka’s District and Constituent Services Director at 617-722-1640 or at


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