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Spilka Welcomes Medway-Ashland Girls Hockey Team to the Senate Floor

April 5, 2012

Senator Spilka shows the Medway-Ashland Girls Hockey team the view from the Senate balcony.

(Boston) – During formal session today, Senator Karen Spilka welcomed members of the Medway-Ashland Girls Varsity Hockey team and their coach, Kurt Carter, to the Senate floor to recognize the team’s recent accomplishments.

“These young women have displayed tremendous honor and grace in the face of adversity. They are women of strong character and have proven that they are able to rise above the difficult circumstances they have had to endure as a team,” said Spilka. “Their dedication to the team and extraordinary sportsmanship are truly admirable and they are all amazing role models for our athletes and residents.”

The team had lunch in the Senator’s office and were given a tour of the State House. Following their tour, Spilka brought the girls into the Senate Chamber to welcome and formally recognize the young women for their recent achievements and their work as a team.

This cooperative team was established in 2009 and shown their great skill during their three seasons in existence – most recently exemplified by their advancement to the Division 1 Preliminary Round in the state girls’ hockey tournament.

On behalf of the team, Senator Spilka presented Senate President Therese Murray with a Medway-Ashland Girls Varsity Hockey team hat.


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