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Senator Spilka honored by Framingham State University as Citizen Laureate

May 22, 2013

On Sunday morning, May 19th Senator Karen Spilka was presented with the Citizen Laureate Award at the Framingham State University graduate commencement ceremony.  The award, given annually to an individual who has consistently supported the University, was awarded to Spilka in recognition of her advocacy on behalf of the MetroWest region.  President Flanagan praised Spilka for her leadership in advancing public transportation and strengthening public higher education in the Commonwealth.

Accepting the award, she remarked on the importance of the University in her career. “In my many years as a MetroWest resident and legislator, I have had a long and extremely rewarding relationship with Framingham State University – we are truly partners in advancing higher education,” Spilka said. “FSU is a prime example of what makes my work as a public servant worthwhile: the opportunity to invest resources, creativity and new ideas into an institution that prepares the next generation for the challenges you will face in the 21st century.”

Later in the day Spilka addressed the thousands of students, faculty, families and friends gathered for Framingham State’s 174th undergraduate commencement ceremony to offer the formal Greetings Commonwealth of Massachusetts and introduce U. S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, the commencement speaker.

Spilka said of Warren: “Elizabeth Warren’s hope is our hope – America’s hope – that we remain the land of unequaled opportunity, – that each of you will able to use your unique talents in the service of our country and our economy without being crippled by student debt and an increasingly unfair playing field – and that we will build a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children”


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