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Senator Spilka Calls for Stronger Gun Control Legislation at State House Public Hearing

September 13, 2013

Today, Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) testified before the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security at its final public hearing on bills related to gun safety and regulation. The hearing was the final of five public hearings held across the state, seeking feedback and testimony on more than 60 bills filed this session addressing a range of gun-related issues.

“We owe it to our children and our communities to strengthen gun control laws in Massachusetts,” Spilka said. “We must do what we can to prevent future tragedies and protect the lives of our children and neighbors from senseless violence.”

Spilka outlined key elements to be included in a final comprehensive gun safety bill, including measures to improve background checks, to strengthen oversight of private gun sales, to limit high capacity weapons and to give police departments more discretion in the issuance of firearms identification cards (FID). Spilka also stressed the need for thoughtful consideration of the issue of mental health.

“Our laws should keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals, without stigmatizing vulnerable populations. As a community we must prioritize services for the mentally ill and at-risk youth. Our entire society benefits when vulnerable populations receive the resources and services they need.”

The Committee will consider all testimony and report out a final bill for consideration and debate by the legislature. Spilka urged the Committee to act promptly.


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