Senator Spilka to Lead Group Insurance Commission Oversight Hearing

Next week, as Chair of Senate Ways and Means, I will lead a Massachusetts State Senate  oversight hearing to review the Group Insurance Commission's abrupt decision to upend health care coverage for 1000s of state and town workers, retirees and their families – many living on fixed budgets and incomes.

Our workers deserve a transparent process and access to the best, most cost-effective care. Potential changes should have been transparently vetted and discussed in the weeks and months leading up to this drastic change, not after a decision had already been made.

This hearing is an important opportunity to hear from the GIC, Baker administration and health plans on the considerations that led to this decision, and explore ways to mitigate any negative impacts on our workers, retirees, cities and towns and the Massachusetts economy. Please make your voices heard on Wednesday 1/31 at 11am, or submit written testimony!

Sarah Bldogett